Teaching Students to Search Effectively With Google

Go to Google, type in your search terms and click “Google Search”.  How many times a day do you rely on this process to learn about new things (or remind yourself of things you’ve forgotten)?

The internet is an ever expanding beast, continually fed an incomprehensible amount of information.  Every single day, over 2 million blog posts (like this one) are written (check out the “A Day In the Internet” infographic).  Teaching your students (and yourself) how effectively and efficiently use Google Search is a skill that is not only useful now, but also a skill that will exponentially increase in value moving forward throughout their careers.

Google has created a site dedicated to “search education” to assist you in this effort – Google Search Education.  They offer pre-made lesson plans on a variety of topics for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.  The site also has webinar-style instructional videos.  View these concepts in action in the video below.

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